Current Date:

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Al Bashir Reveals Design to Establish Good Governance and Democracy

Omdurman -- the government is resolve to establish and introduce a new experiment of governance based on consultation, democracy, responsible freedom of expression, preserving the values and right of citizenship, President Al Bashir has reiterated.

Al Bashir added employment in the public services would take place in accordance with qualifications and competence.
Addressing the National Legislation Council, the President vowed to upgrade the capabilities of the armed forces so they become more competent and professional, handle the root causes of intertribal conflicts and civil wars.
Al Bashir underscored the significance of upgrading the army’s proficiency and professionalism in the face of foreign targets and enemies to the national security and stability, revealing that 2017 will see supply of adequate logistic and equipment support to the national police, the finalization of civil register project and control on foreign presence in the country and refugees. 
President Al Bashir reiterated that Sudan is seeking to achieve national reconciliation, open up to the world as manifested – according to him- progress in efforts to improve foreign relations by relevant authorities.
He justified his government’s sending in members of Sudanese armed forces within the framework of Saudi led coalition operation in Yemen dubbed “Operation Decisive” to support legitimacy in Yemen.
The President assured that Sudan is keen to maintain and good relations and mutual cooperation with South Sudan, in addition to enhancing channels of communication with African, Arab and Asian nations, especially with China, India, Eritrea, South Korea, Turkey and Brazil within the framework  of encouraging investment and mutual cooperation.
Al Bashir added that his government has been able to improve foreign relations with many European countries over the past thanks to efforts exerted to remove numerous obstacles in this regard.   

However, he drew attention to the importance for the national media to play a constructive role in cementing and sustaining such relations; in addition to its contribution to combating poverty and mobilizing the national production and social integration.
Al Bashir hailed the sacrifices of the national army in defending safeguarding the national security, especially their successes in crushing rebellion in many parts of the country. “They [the army] have shouldered the responsibility to boost national security and protect the country’s resources,” he said.  “They made it their top priority to upgrade the tools for preserving national security.”
He further pointed to the successful implementation of the Darfur peace agreement known as “Doha Document for Peace in Darfur, whose finalization was marked with a special ceremony in North Darfur capital El-Fashir in the presence of notable regional and national personalities, namely the Qatari emir, the Chadian and Central African Republic presidents.