Current Date:

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Al-Sisi Expects Issuance of Decision Forming Darfur Commissions Soon

Khartoum-Chairman of the National Liberation and Justice party has expected issuance of a presidential decision in coming days forming the five commissions for completing the remaining items of Doha document agreement. He stressed that the regional authority was able to accomplish more than 85% of the items stated in Doha document for Darfur peace.
Dr. Al-Tijani Al-Sisi told SMC that the five commissions are “Commission of Voluntary Return, commission of Justice and Reconciliations along with the commission of reconstruction and lands noting that the commissions will contiune implementing the rest of the remaining projects related to development and the security and humanitarian conditions according to the agreement provided for in the document
He stressed that the autority has implemented many developmental projects which reflected on the security and stability of the five Darfur states.
He outlined that Darfur is seeing an unprecidented stability following the prevelance of the state image and the prevelance of peace and security which contributed in starting development projects across Darfur.