Current Date:

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Khartoum to Host International Conference on Human Trafficking

Khartoum - Arrangements are underway to hold an international conference in Khartoum to discuss ways to eliminate human trafficking, with regional and international participation, according to the President’s Assistant Musa Mohamed Ahmed who pointed to the government’s continuing efforts in this regard.
During his address to the International Forum of migration issues organized by the Arab and African Youth Council, on Saturday, he stressed that Sudan has spared no effort to fight human trafficking.
He explained that the fight against human trafficking will not be possible only through legal means, but also through the developing international conventions that enable young people to legal immigration and to provide opportunities for a decent livelihood.
Interior Minister First Lt. General Ismat Abdul Rahman said that Sudan recorded the highest rates among the countries hosting refugees in Africa.
He explained that the number of infiltrators to the country illegally amounted to a million people over the last five years.
He warned that those numbers are mostly preparing for departure to European countries, Gulf States and Israel.
He added that Sudan, despite its small potentials due to economic hardship, continues to play its role in cooperation with the international community to combat the phenomenon of human trafficking and smuggling.
He pointed to take the necessary measures through the legislation and signing of cooperation agreement with neighboring countries for border-control and other measures agreements.
Last August Khartoum hosted the Arab Forum for Combating Terrorism.