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Saturday, 15 April 2017

Daily Arabic Newspapers Headlines Sunday, 23rd October 2016

*Lecturers to face discipline for easing the cheating in Secondary Certificate exams.
*Two foreigners pursued through Interpol in (Heathrow) case.
*National Umma Party: Al-Mahdi will return home before the end of current year.
*Al Bashir: Use of chemical weapons in Darfur is false allegation.
Akhir Lahza:
*Al Bashir: We want to give hope to people and remove frustration.
*Machar would be in Khartoum in upcoming days.
*Heated debate at National Congress on criteria for selecting officials assuming constitutional positions.
*1700 cases of breast cancer every year.

Akhbar Al-Yom:
*Washington calls on African mediator to put pressure on armed movements and refusing forces for joining dialogue.
*Al-Bashir reveals new information on Amnesty International's claims on Army use of chemical weapons in Darfur.

*Ministry of Interior: One million aliens prepare to leave for Europe and Israel.
*Imam of Mecca Shrine visits Sufi sect in Al-Kabashi and calls for unity.
*Al-Bashir accuses armed movements of treason and support to Amnesty International's report.

*President to movements: You have to choose either peace of heinous defeat.
*Al Bashir: Circles of black agenda are impeding Sudan efforts.
*Ghandour: Circles are providing funding and passports to armed movements.
*Sudan and Ethiopia sign agreements in transport and agricultural fields.

*Meeting between Al Bashir and 7+7 mechanism expected in current week.
*Ghandour: Withdrawal of South Africa from the International Criminal Court is start for full African pull out.
*Government reveals: One million infiltrators getting ready to leave Sudan for Europe and Israel.
*Sudan calls on Arab Nations to benefit from its national dialogue experiment.

Al-Rai Al-Am:
*Ghandour: Washington affirmed credibility of our accusations to Juba of harboring armed movements.
*Al Bashir: We are committed to the implementation of dialogue outcome in text and spirit.
*Presidential Assistant: Illegal immigration poses a major political and economic threat.
*Finance Ministry announces launching of 50 electronic financial services before the end of current year.

Al-Yom Al-Tali:
*Al Bashir: Allegations on use of chemical weapons in Darfur are false and unfounded.
*Al-Mahdi: I am thinking about return and I will not oppose cessation of hostilities.
*Washington: National Dalogue is step to rescue Sudan from disputes.


*Muddathir: Good indicators on investments' growth in the country.
*Sudan and Ethiopia sign agreements on transport, sea ports, agriculture and trade.
*Minister of Health issues decision returning to work all doctors who were dismissed due to strike.
*Washington: War is no longer a means to solve Sudan issues.