Current Date:

Saturday, 15 April 2017

Fabrications and Baseless Allegations to Abort the National Dialogue

Khartoum - Experts and specialists in the field of photographic images and maps have revealed that the images and maps which Amnesty International

(A.I.) organization used in its recent report about Jebel Mara were fabricated. It was done by using high technologies and specialized programs were used to change the features of the satellite photos and air images that it presented in the report to prove its alleged accusations against Sudan.
Those who follow reports by A.I. will detect these allegations, which were based on fabricated reports and untrue testimonies, and that irrefutable evidence at the scene, confirm the absence of any indications for the use of chemical weapons by the Sudanese Armed Forces at the areas cited by the report. They are sheer allegations, which the organization attempted to make look real by resorting to using fabricated satellite images and maps and photos of people and areas.
Experts said a number of photos exhibited in the report of the organization as unveiled by the scientific analysis were picked up last year and they were manipulated to suggest that they were picked up in 2016, stressing that this can be noticed easily via the  pictures analyzed by Sudanese experts specialized in this field.
Major General Ibrahim Mansour Member of the National Security and Intelligence Service has elaborated that the images of Srong area were taken in November of last year and May of the current year. He noted that these are visual pictures and not pictures of multiple spectrums, a matter that proves that these pictures cannot be used as evidence of using chemical weapons. While photo shop technology was used to conceal some of the features of Katrom area, pictures and the degree of the resolution of some parts of the same pictures were manipulated.
He affirmed that in some of the pictures the Erdas program were used and he noted that some of the pictures, according to the dates proves the fraud and faking by  Amensty International. He stressed that there is a clear manipulation in the images of Kuro region west of Jebel Mara, particularly with regards of the resolution of the pictures and there is not any traces of devastation or fire.
He affirmed after analysis that that the pictures taken in December of last year are the same exhibited by the organization, claiming that they has been taken in May 2016. The difference is only in the degree of the pictures resolution and most of the images were repeated, which suggests that the organization has magnified the image of the hospital of Kagro whereby no traces of fire were existing and it was apparent that the organization has used the program of improving satellite images.
He said the images of the cover of the report were found to be taken from Google program noting that a specialist Sudanese team has taken space photography of the Aroftah region this October and the results proved the non-existence of any fire traces or damage, a matter which confirms fabrication of the organization’s report.
He elaborated that the organization has resorted in its report to pictures, which were cut, from video clips or from manipulated photographic images through cutting a specific part of the photo for condemning Sudan. Going on, he stressed that this cut off affect the picture’s original information noting most of the pictures published in the organization website or on other sites are pictures cut from video clips and it is impossible to have information as photographic pictures, saying that this is intentional by the organization to leave no effect of the fabrication operations.
He went on to say that 6 photos in the organization’s report were amended via a drawing program and they include within them a data file and that upon entering the picture to a drawing program a new introduction file for the image appears.  Whereby the amendment was conducted last September between 1:35 and 5:05 pm.
He  asserted that the report depended on  hearing alleged testimonies from alleged witnesses lacking in the simplest  elements and criteria that the witnesses must fulfill  and they are not backed by any legal or objective evidences. In addition to this, it is depended on testimonies from elements of Abdulwahid Nour movement which is a movement still rejecting the call for peace. 
Referring  to the UNAMID statement, the visit of the American envoy to Darfur and the international reports on the conditions in Darfur which did not indicate any use of chemical weapons in addition to asserting that a joint visit by the Sudanese government and the United Nations Agencies was paid to the region last August.
In the meantime, the joint UN and African Union Mission in Darfur UNAMID denied the A.I. allegations regarding use of chemical weapons at Jebel Mara area during battles this year, affirming that its elements spread in the region did not receive any complaint in this regard.
The Joint Envoy affirmed that the mission, UNAMID, or any of its personnel, who number 20,000 of military and civilian components deployed in Darfur areas did not receive any information or complaint that indicate use of chemical weapons in Jebel Mara.
The envoy conveyed to the Minister of Foreign Affairs that the offices of the mission spread near Jebel Mara and its medical clinics did not receive any deaths or injury cases related to the use of such weapons.
The envoy pointed out that he met a number of times during the past months (January-September) of the current year with leaders of the armed movements, and not one of them cited any allegations of the use of chemical weapons at Jebel Mara area.
Meanwhile, Presidential Assistant Ibrahim Mahmoud Hamid refuted the allegations of the use of chemical weapons in Darfur, stressing that they are sheer fabrications that come from organizations that target Sudan with the intention to distort the Sudanese national project.
He referred to the role of Amnesty International organization and its overtly hostile attitude towards Sudan, whereas it had issued a statement commending acts of sabotage committed by the rebel forces in El-Fashir town.
He added that such allegations were used in the past to strike El-Shifa factory and Iraq and they later said there were no chemical weapons.
Mahmoud, challenged A.I. organization that alleged use of such weapons in Darfur, to disclose names of the persons it claimed they were being treated from effects of chemical weapons as well as the names of the persons it interviewed.
He pointed out that fabricated photos were used for misinformation of persons from West Africa and South Kordofan.
Many observers are of the opinion that the success and the wide participation by the political forces and the civil society organizations in the Sudanese National Dialogue and its outcome, which is conducive to the realization of peace and stability and formulation of a permanent constitution in Sudan and a restoration of the country’s regional and international role, made some circles move to abort this big accomplishment by fabricating allegations against Sudan which contradicts the principles of its Armed Forces and people. Such allegations are untrue, baseless, and sheer attempt by these circles to create a chaos anew.