Current Date:

Friday, 20 April 2018

Sudan Calls for Ensuring Women Rights in Africa

Khartoum - Presidential Assistant Ibrahim Al-Sanousi has stressed the importance of enabling African women to have their political rights, indicating that the Sudanese women

are assuming important offices in the various fields.
The Presidential Assistant was addressing the opening session of the meeting of the Executive Office of the Council of African Political Parties’ (CAPP) Women Wing here yesterday.
Al-Sanousi said that Sudan looks forward for development of the African women as inseparable part of the development of the continent, noting that Sudan is a pioneering country in ensuring women’s political rights.
CAPP’s Secretary General Dr. Nafie Ali Nafie affirmed confidence of the council in the capabilities and innovations of women leaderships in Africa, referring to the strong will of the African woman, saying that African women are capable of contributing effectively to the development of the continent and welfare of its peoples.
The Secretary General of CAPP called on the Executive Office of the Women Wing of the council to mobilize the African women for a big development project that would empower the African women politically and economically and develop them pertinent to knowledge and technology.
Dr. Nafie indicated that CAPP is concerned with political development in member political parties by calling for boosting the values of freedom, democracy, integrity and transparency.
He pointed out that CAPP has decided to establish coordination councils in each of the five regions of the African continent to serve as effective mechanisms for realizing the objectives of the council through consolidation of joint work among the African political parties for realizing the aspirations of the continent, which are presented by the African Union through the major goal of “Africa one voice one objective.”
The Deputy Chairperson CAPP’s Women Wing, on her part, affirmed the important role of women in the development of the African continent, indicating that the women wing  of the council represents the voice of African women, stressing the importance of empowerment of African women to live up to their role towards the African continent.