Current Date:

Friday, 20 April 2018

Sudan Calls for Cooperation on Confronting Challenges Facing Youth

Khartoum-The Sudanese government has called for unifying efforts of the African people and domestic and regional civil society

organizations for confronting the challenges and dangers facing African young people.
Dr,J abir Idris IWeisha , the Chairperson of the Higher Council of Daawa (call) in Khartoum who is the representative of the Sudanese government  has stressed while addressing at Coral Hotel the  second organizational gathering  of the partners of the Islamic forum (graduates of Nama Academy) which is convening from 20-23 of the current month of July , that Sudan extends its hands for all those working for the good of the African continent .
He called on the participants of the forum to deliver Daawa for moderateness and distance themselves from extremism and fanaticism in the call for Islam and exit fanaticism, dogmatism   and tribalism and unify the efforts of all the sons of the African country and the civil society organization for facing the challenges that aim to undermine the African youths efforts in a systematic and intentional manner like narcotics and extremism and pornography amidst young people.
He added that work requires wide perspective and delivering call through setting a good example and this requires enlightened young people.