Current Date:

Monday, 23 April 2018

NCP Maps out Plan for Communication with Political Forces

Khartoum- (KEM) The National Congress Party (NCP) has approved its plan for maintaining communications with the political forces in the coming phase as it has announced that it would start in the coming few days intensive contacts that wouldn’t exclude anybody for realizing concord on the bases of the outcome of the National Dialogue.
Chairman of the NCP’s Political Sector Dr. Abdul-Rahman Al-Khidir reaffirmed following a meeting with the Deputy Chairman of the Party Dr. Faisal Hassan Ibrahim Tuesday keenness of the NCP on maintaining contacts with all political forces whether they are in opposition or participating in the government.
Al Khidir indicated that the contacts would include arms holders, the national figures and thinkers for instituting a new phase of security and stability in the homeland.
The Chairman of the NCP’s Political Sector indicated that the meeting of the heads of the party’s sectors, which he chaired, had discussed in details the plan of the Political Sector as it had also reviewed the performance report of the party in Khartoum State.