Current Date:

Monday, 28 May 2018

S. Darfur State Hosts Workshop on Promotion of Persons with Disabilities

Khartoum - South Darfur State hosted yesterday a workshop on the promotion of the rights of persons with disabilities in the Darfur States

, under the auspices of the Ministry of Security and Social development and the Governor of Southern Darfur State and the Secretary of the National Council for Persons with Disabilities in collaboration with the Italian Agency for International.

 The workshop aims to promote the rights of persons with disabilities in the Darfur States and to train cadres working in the field of disability in Darfur region. The workshop will discuss a number of working papers on the situation of persons with disabilities in war and conflict zones, the human rights concept for persons with disabilities as well as training in communication skills.
 After the conclusion of the workshop, the 7th States  Council forum will be convened, at which the draft of the  national strategy for the year  2018-2030 will be discuss  the first report of  Sudan in  the International Committee in Geneva  so as to follow up the implementation of the 2018 plan,  of disability
 It is worth noting that the National Council for Persons with Disabilities, provided an overview of the first report on persons with disabilities submitted by the delegation of the Sudan to the 19th Session Committee on persons with Disabilities, headed by the Minister of Justice and the Secretary General of persons with Disabilities in Geneva, last February 2018 and the list of issues was answered by a number of relevant actors.
 Disability is the responsibility of all, and has been integrated into the policies, strategies and programmes of the Ministries.
They focused on violence against women, noting that there is a need for deterrent laws on this aspect. The Committee has a significant role to play in women's policy.
The Committee also spoke about education and a well-conceived plan; It also enquired about political participation, noting that they had confirmed participation at the level of Parliament; and in the national dialogue .