Current Date:

Saturday, 28 April 2018

S. Darfur Removes 100 Illegal Collection Points along Nyala/El-Fashir Highway

Nyala – (smc) South Darfur government started removing 100 illegal points on Nyala/El-Fashir highway according to the directives of President Al Bashir during his recent visit to Darfur states.
South Darfur State Deputy Governor, Hamad Abu Raida told (SMC) that those points were removed and burnt after it affected the trade negatively and caused price hikes in commodities, adding that the removed points imposed illegal levies on the trucks and buses passing by the road.
He disclosed that the security committee of the state has taken a package of measures to secure the bordering lines between Nyala and El-Fashir besides patrolling the highway, pledging to deal decisively with those who violate the security.
He said that the removing of those points will contribute in the smooth flow of commodities, hence reduction in the prices.
He pointed out that those procedures met with relief from the owners of the trade trucks and transport buses.