Current Date:

Saturday, 28 April 2018

S. Darfur State is Witnessing Big Development: Governor

Khartoum - (Khalda Elyas ) Governor of South Darfur State Adam Al-Faki has affirmed that his state is witnessing full stability thanks to Doha peace agreement, referring to the state’s hosting of a number of international economic activities such as the Sixth Nyala Trade Exhibition, which is currently in session in the state’s capital.
The Governor pointed out that Doha peace agreement has led to a number of concrete achievements in Darfur and contributed to the flourishing of the economic, trade and investment activities as well as exchanges with the African countries, affirming that development in South Darfur would witness further progress in the coming stage.
In a press statement, Al-Faki said a number of big projects are to be implemented in the state, top of them are a new electricity station with a considerable capacity, development of the processing industry sector and construction of a new roads network connecting Sudan with neighboring countries.
He noted that the big progress realized in the state in the fields of tribal reconciliations, social peace and peaceful coexistence has contributed to the new reality in the area.