Current Date:

Thursday, 19 April 2018

National Fund for Housing Acknowledges Challenges Facing Land in Sudan

Khartoum - Secretary General of the National Fund for Housing and Construction, Dr. Gholamuddin Osman acknowledged the existence of challenges facing the land in Sudan and attributed this to conflicts on lands.
In the land conference, Osman reviewed  the causes of conflicts on land, pointing out that many investors and the private sector have been affected by these disputes, stressing the efforts of the state in implementing the national shelter project according to the plans of the fund to provide housing in all states, praising  the governments of the states, the fund partners of banks and financial institutions, revealing that the fund's plan for 2018 also includes the expansion of housing projects in different types in the states.
He said that the anniversary of independence comes this year and the fund has taken great strides in the implementation of the national project for shelter, pointing to the coordination between the fund and the states to complete the establishment of housing funds in all the states.