Current Date:

Friday, 20 April 2018

Sudan Calls for Firmly Combating Terrorism and Extremism

Khartoum - (Muawad Rashid -  Najat Ahmed ) Vice President of the Republic Hassabo Mohamed Abdulrahman has said the issue of terrorism, the rogue non-governmental

organizations, extremism, and mercenaries need to be encountered strongly and resolutely, and they have now became one of the looming security threats expected in our country and the world.
He noted, while addressing the inaugural session CISSA workshop  on the phenomenon of Mercenaries and the foreign terrorist fighters the rogue non-governmental organizations and their impacts on security and stability in Africa, which is held in the High Academy for Strategic and Security Studies, which was organized by CISSA secretariat in cooperation with the National Intelligence and Security Service , that Sudan has suffered a lot from  the unjust targeting  stressing that these phenomena represent a national and international challenge, a matter that requires standing firm against these phenomena .
He added that Sudan’s role has become well established in encountering the African issues and challenges, noting that many African countries were able to foil serious operation before implementing them
Hassabo has praised the big role undertaken by CISSA, noting that the terrorists are not working for the homeland, but they are targeting civilians and the captives, and they commit crimes for money nothing stops them, apart from that they commit crimes banned the international laws and charters
He affirmed that the affiliates of the armed Darfuri movements are fighting in South Sudan and Libya for money, highlighting the danger of terrorism which has now became a reality not an emergency case.
For his part, NISS Director, 1st Lt. General (Eng.) Mohamed Atta Al-Mawla Abbas has outlined that the growing phenomena of mercenaries, extremist activities and the adverse activity of the non-governmental organizations have disrupted and is still disrupting development in many African countries.
He went on to  say that the adverse phenomena are the cause of  our African people’s suffering, and the reason behind suspending social and economic development, adding that now is the time of translating our decisions statements into actions for waging the fight against this phenomenon
He elaborated that the workshop is held while the African countries are seeing very complicated security conditions, whereby the armed movements continue their devastating activities in a number of African countries inside and outside their countries
Atta further called for cooperation at the regional and international level for standing up to the challenges which are growing day by day.
The said that the workshop has kicked off with the participation of twenty seven African security and intelligence services, in addition to the representatives of the regional and international organizations, African Union’s commissions, and the African researches and studies centers
He said The armed Sudanese rebel movements were involved in crimes of stealing at gun point , kidnapping , compulsory conscription of children and civilians, and  they were involved in fighting in a number of neighborhood countries he outlined that there is still a long we to go to develop our strategy for fighting this adverse phenomenon in a manner that makes it more comprehensive in an in-depth tackling of he said phenomenon.
For his part CISSA Executive Secretary has called for laying down plans and strategies for encountering mercenaries which is worrying the African country.
The workshop was also addressed by the representative of the AU Commission, Dr. Amira El-Fadil who said that the workshop is timely for peaceful and prosperous Africa, adding that the road is long to develop strategies in this regard.
Sudan Vision will publish a detailed article on the issue.