Current Date:

Thursday, 19 April 2018

Nahar: National Policy for Employment to Reduce Phenomena of Economic and Social Instability in Sudan

Khartoum - Minister of Administrative Reform, Dr. Ahmed Babikir Nahar affirmed Sudan's support for the efforts exerted by the Arab Labor Organization for an institutional and regulatory framework for the labor market, adopting policies and strategies that stimulate production and investment among Arab countries, and facilitating access to ICT services to boost development and stability and reduce unemployment rates in the country.
The minister told Sudan Vision at his speech at the Arab Labor Conference held recently in Cairo, stressed that the dynamism of the labor markets is a challenge for all Arab countries under the double force of globalization, progress and technology, which entails the emergence of new modes of employment and the disappearance of some professions, pointing out that the Sudan has developed a national policy for employment to reduce the phenomena leading to economic and social instability by improving the quality of education through the adoption of the Arab professional and technical strategy for the year 2010.