Current Date:

Saturday, 29 October 2016

Nafie: National Dialogue Yielded Consensus on Major Issues

Khartoum - The national dialogue has produced agreement with different political forces on major issues; and represents a national consensus document

.   Dr. Nafie Ali Nafie, deputy secretary general of Islamic movement, has said.
Nafie made the statements while addressing the movement’s organizational bodies in North Darfur’s capital town of El-Fashir.
He assured that the national dialogue document remains open to the opponents and parties refused to join the national dialogue.
North Darfur Governor Abdul-Wahid, Head of National Congress Party for the state, said the party is set to promote the outcomes of the national dialogue across the localities of the state, adding that the national dialogue document has set a global framework for handling the country’s issues and will contribute to achieving security and stability.
The governor said North Darfur is the most desperate state for the outcomes of the national dialogue, which he said addressed all issues. Abdul-Wahid further promised to promote the dialogue among the local community.
Separately, the governor vowed to combat all forms actions that might trigger tensions and destabilize public order and peace statewide.