Current Date:

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Corinthia Honours Employees of 10 Years of Excellence

Khartoum - The manager of the Hotel welcomed the presence and Corinthia owned company he has appreciated the Loyalty and commitment of employees, those who

spent 10 years of Excellent work “we recognize the role of the pioneer of the Hotel, dedication and passion that must be honored, today I want to thank you on behalf of Corinthia and by myself” said the manager.
The event is to honor those who joined Corinthia since early times, even before the operation of the Hotel, they started work with in 2007, they have been serving for 10 years, they considered as a cornerstone of the Hotel and the Company as general.
The manager added “We want appreciate the role and the efforts of those who started working before the formal opening of the Hotel, what we do is an incentive to their positive and distinguished performance that contributes to the Hotel successful”.
The honored employees have provided certificates and financial incentives by Company general manager.
While the representative of Libyan Arab Company for external investment has expressed pleasure “It is not an easy task to work for ten years continuously, they show loyalty and commitment and a value to the company
I am very pleased to be here to participate in this event, not easy to keep loyalty and commitment for ten years on behalf of Company to appreciate and praise I hope you happy future and good health, the most important thing to any institute is to preserve human resources which is prioritized at the top of our list, we look after our employees and concern with their social and economic situation we believe in “social insurance” so loyalty comes through incentive programme and encouragement.