Current Date:

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Students of Faculty of Arts University of Khartoum Visit Sudan Vision Premises

Khartoum- 60 students from Information Department, Faculty of Arts University of Khartoum paid a visit to Sudan Vision premises last week to find out what goes on the

editing, reporting and layout of the paper.   .Dr. Amel Abu Zeid a lecturer at the faculty told the paper that this visit enables the students to know practically the media translation taking Sudan Vision as a model for newspapers issued in English language.
Zuleikha Abdul Raziq, News-Editor highlighted the history of the paper as the only English one in Sudan and a window of objectivity has a mission and vision to address its readers in Sudan and abroad informing the whole world about the true image of Sudan. She explained the policies and strategies of the paper, the roadmap of the paper and the daily coverage of events in Sudan. She pointed out that reporters have different specializations in the paper through the different sections, editorial, translation beside the technical unit of designing and the layout of the paper. She added that the paper has its active web site where more than 10,000 readers come across on daily bases. 
Neimat al Naiem Senior reporter, a column writer explained that there are several columns writers as part of the staff and others have their contributions from outside the paper own opinions to reflect on the paper. She pointed to that they write frankly without any interference from the paper administration or editorial staff represented in the Editor-in-Chief and the Managing Editor.
Ahmed Ibrahim Al-Balal, columnist noted that the column writing and the editorial writing needs talent beside the long experience and following of the current affairs, news, events internal and external.
Babiker Al Tayeb Ahmed, senior translator highlighted the media translation and its importance particularly in the mass media issued in English. He added that translation is not easy as we believe it needs lots of vocabularies and the techniques how to use these vocabularies. He also pointed to the credibility and transparency and the commitment with the text and the meaning, to translate word by word. He said ‘despite my long experience in the mass media as a journalist and a translator for more than 30 years, but I’m still learning in this vital field ‘. He concluded by conveying a message to the students to work hard and to improve their English Language, because it is an important language in  the world.
Mohamed Babikir and Khalda Elyas from the economic section highlighted how the reporters follow up news and activities,events at the different government and private sectors , pointed to that reports in the paper divided into different beats.