Current Date:

Sunday, 22 October 2017

American Businessmen Delegation Lauds Efforts of Council for International People’s Friendship

The Secretary General of the Council for International People’s Friendship (CIPF), Engineer Abdel-Moneim Al-Sunni, has recently met a visiting American delegation that comprised a number of businessmen and headed by the Deputy Chairman of the American-Sudanese Friendship Association.
The CIPF Secretary General briefed the American businessmen delegation on the situations in Sudan and the vast investment potentialities the country is endowed with besides means of enhancing of the relations between the Sudanese and American peoples.
Al-Sunni pointed out that the CIPF works to build popular relations based on the joint interests between the Sudanese and American peoples through the people’s friendship association and its American counterpart, which was founded in Washington in 2015.
The American businessmen delegation, on their part, praised the efforts being exerted by the CIPF in the field of popular diplomacy, as they expressed readiness for joint cooperation in the domains of training, education and technology transfer.
The delegation affirmed that they found Sudan a secure and stable country and characterized by peaceful coexistence among its people contrary to its distorted external image.