Current Date:

Saturday, 21 October 2017

Reduction of Poverty and Safety Social Welfare

The government of Sudan has promised to eradicate poverty and encouraged poor people to get rid of poverty

, many families have received production.
The President of the Republic Marshal Field Omer Hassan Al Bashir has recently directed Banks and the other financial institutions to allocate 12% of their budgets to support microfinance policy.
The Vice-President of the Republic Hassabu Muhammad Abdul Rahman , has strengthened partnerships with the private sector and civil society organizations to mobilized the community to participate in the social development process to reduce poverty, noting to the importance
of expanding microfinance projects to increase production.
Addressing yesterday the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, the Vice-President renewed the celebration of World
Poverty Reduction Day organized by the Ministry of Welfare and  Social Security in cooperation with World Bank and civil society organizations, Saying
that the State attention to poverty issues, praising the role of the Zakat
Chamber in presenting projects that contribute to poverty reduction, adding that The National Weapons Collection project contributes to
Increased   production, which  in turn contributes to the reduction of poverty issues.
The Vice-President said that the issue of poverty reduction in its political, economic and social dimensions represented a global obstacle to development, pointed out to the efforts of the State represented on the
National Development Supervisory Committee in addition to restructuring support for the interests of the poor and needy and the provision of basic services (health, Water, education and livelihoods) to achieve sustainable development, about 60% to 70% of the state’s budget is directed for the poor people, he said.
He called for the revival of Sudanese values with the solidarity and
resources, he added .
Minister of Welfare and Social Security stressed the importance of working for poverty reduction and the need to celebrate it through the realization of the partnership to optimize international and national commitment and to provide the necessary funding and solidarity to Sudan to reduce   poverty.
the Minister of Welfare and Social Security Mashair Al Dawalab explained the commemoration of the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty which comes under the slogan "We are all partners to reduce poverty) that, following the lifting of economic sanctions on the Sudan, the country relies heavily on international institutions and donors to be the share of the Sudan's external support is part of the global trend to rebalance the least developed countries and the major Powers fulfil their obligations towards the least developed countries, particularly the question of raising external debt, would become one of the remaining challenges for the Sudan to eradicate poverty.
Al Dawalab noted that the philosophy of the state was the holistic framework for the achievement of human dignity, social justice and the distribution of opportunities equal among people, noting that Islam laid the foundations for the equality of people and made the work of origin in earning a living, stressing the importance of work and making Opportunity.
Sudan is working with the world to reduce poverty by developing plans and programmes and adopting it for the sustainable development Agenda 2020-2030 at the level national and integrated into all programmes and plans, the first and second item on poverty reduction, combating hunger and food security, comes Adoption of the agenda as an extension of many of the previous commitments entered into by various State organs for poverty alleviation and social protection , she said.
The Minister revealed that Sudan is a country where all economic and human resources are available for employment and production, the Takaful has played a major role In the reduction of poverty in the Sudan.
For his part, the representative of the World Bank, Mohammed Al amin, paid attention to the fight against poverty, stressing the importance of public-private partnerships to address poverty issues.
The World Bank representative announced the bank's support to the Government of the Sudan and its assistance and direct support to fight poverty and provide the necessary support to the High Commission against Poverty at the centre and the States.
Humanitarian aid representative Ahmed Adam also stressed the importance of partnership between the State and society and the use of the potential to achieve the goals of the fight against poverty.