Current Date:

Saturday, 21 October 2017

Local Education Group LEG in Sudan

The two day meeting of the Asian Pacific Education Coalitions held at Hanoi –Vietnam in the period from 9th -11th October 2017

concluded its sessions with a participation of many state members in the International Coalition Education for all. The theme of the meeting was consultation meeting which discussed many topics on education and the role of these Coalitions in supporting education all over the world. The participation is highly appreciated by the Vietnam U    undersecretary of the Ministry of Education.
 Ensaf Abd Allah program director at the Sudanese Coalition Education for all SCEFA presented a scientific working paper which brief the current situation of education in Sudan, the paper concentrated on girls’ education, beside the education of nomads and those at the ruler areas in Sudan. The paper discussed in detail the role of the Local Education Group LEG in Sudan. Ensaf pointed to Sudan progress towards achieving the Universal Primary Education UPE , Education for all EFA , and the Millennium Development Goals MDGs .
The paper tacked the issues and challenges facing education in Sudan, as well as the neighboring countries which suffer to some extent from the out-off school of children. The paper explained the main objectives of the LEG in Sudan noted that is to increase the effective of education aid through improvement of coordination among stakeholders, as well as to increase transparency, accountability and predictability of partners’ support to the sector within the framework of the Basic Education Strategy BES and the national educational strategy framework to be developed.
The paper shed light also on the specific objectives of the LEG and the EPG that represented into exchanging of Information , beside promoting policy and strategic dialogue among the key education partners, work with the Government of Sudan jointly support monitoring and reviewing progress to achieve the Sectoral commitments . To compile and share information on local and external funding for education sector and collectively mobilize more financial support for basic education .