Current Date:

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Nafie Calls on Governments to Establish National Development Agencies to be Sponsored by Governments and Private Sector

CAPP President Affirms Desire of African Political Parties to Enhance African Action Establishing Democracy and Good Governance

For his part President of CAPP Davis Moilah has affirmed in the session the desire of the African Political Parties in boosting African action , establishing democracy and good governance
He saluted the political leadership in Sudan represented by the President of the Republic of Sudan who is patronizing this action and Supports CAPP efforts to perform its mission at the level of the African country.
Meanwhile Ji Jiu Man the Deputy Secretary General of the International Council of Asian Political Parties (ICAPP) has lauded the efforts of CAPP and its role in enhancing the prospects of cooperation between the parties’ councils in Africa, Asia and Latin America.
The Secretary General of CAPP Dr. Nafie Ali Nafie said during the meeting a new president of CAPP will be elected and president’s deputies from the five African regions , along with the members of the standing committee of the council while the regions will elect their representatives from their members in the executive and standing committees.
Nafie further added that the meetings will see the establishment of coordination committees for the elected parties at the level of the African regions with the aim of facilitating follow up operations.
He noted that the General Assembly will pass the regulation of these councils along with reviewing the report of the Genera Secretariat of the council in its previous session. Presenting the new plan and the future programs along with accrediting those elected from the new executive committee, the President of the Council, his deputies and the regions Councils.
Nafie went on to say that the Third General Assembly of CAPP will conclude sessions Tomorrow Sunday evening by issuing the final statement, the recommendation and afterwards holding a press conference in which the elected President of the Council and the Secretary General of the council will give speeches.
Nafie has earlier called the governments to establish agencies of national development to be sponsored by the government and the private sector for supporting the civil society organizations that contribute in the development of the continent.
He said the civil society organizations and workers unions are a linking point between the organs of the state, council of African political parties in Khartoum which will elect its new president  
The third meeting of the General Assembly has reviewed the report of the General Secretariat along with electing the new president and his deputies while the colleges of the regions elected their members in the executive committee.