Current Date:

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Daily Arabic Papers Headlines 23rd Wednesday, 23rd, August 2017

*Dangerous Arms Dealers Arrested, Quantities of Weapons Seized

*Suspension of Cambridge Schools for Environmental Degradation and High Fees
*Minister of Health: Environmental Degradation behind the Spread of Watery Diarrhea
*Ministry of Minerals Plans to Build Seven Seismic Stations

Akhir Lahza
*The Government Closes Its Consulate in the Libyan Kufra
*Four Children of ISIS Parents Arrived in Khartoum
*Collapse of 15 Houses in Shigailab
*Attorney-General Establishes Specialized Anti-Terrorist Prosecution

Akhbar Al-Youm
*Sudan Pledges to Provide Aid to Re-operate Oil Fields in South Sudan
*Libyan Militias Detain Sudanese Citizens
*Wide Reaction to Al-Fadil's Statements on Normalization with Israel
*NCP Begins to Develop Plan to Address External Problems

Al-Ray Aam
*Ibrahim Mahmoud Discusses with Al-Faki the Situation in South Darfur
*Smuggled Weapons Seized in the Suburbs of Um Rowaba
*Calls for the Presidency to Intervene to Stop the Environmental Deterioration
*Trial of Businessman Accused of Money Laundering

*Nile Flood Sweeping Gezira State Northern Areas
*Minister of Communications: Thousands of Attempts to Penetrate State Systems Daily
*Meeting between Al Bashir and the Dialogue Higher Committee
*British Envoy: The Presence of UNAMID in Jebel Marra is Necessary

Al-Youm Al-Tali
*West Darfur: One-Week Deadline for Native Administration to Collect Weapons
*Khartoum Prevents the Use of Machinery in Digging Siphon Wells
*Journalists Threaten to Boycott the Parliament
*Bakri Hastens Implementation of the Dialogue Procedural Recommendations

*43 Sudanese Prisoners in Saudi Arabia in Cases of Juggling and Drugs
*Specialized Prosecution to Combat Terrorism and Weapons Crimes
*US Newspaper: Lifting Sanctions on Khartoum is Necessary to Help South Sudan
*13 Thousand New Cases of Cancer Annually in the Country

*Ministry of Health Begins Importing Breast Cancer Drug
*Police: Plans to Secure the Capital During Eid Al-Adha
* Presidential Assistant Directs to Maintain Security in South Darfur
*Industry Ministry Announces Implementation of 33 Development Projects