Current Date:

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Daily Arabic Newspaper Headlines Tuesday, 22nd, August, 2017

*Ministry of Irrigation: Nile Records the Highest Level in 100 Years

*Chadian Prime Minister, VP Discuss Border Security
* Country Hosts More than 2 Million Refugees, Including One Million from South Sudan
*UNAMID to Withdraw from Two Areas in North Darfur within a Week

Akhbar Al-Youm
*Defense Minister Discusses with the Egyptian President the Effects of the Situation in Libya on Sudan
*Foreign Minister to Sweden
*Al-Naimi: Qatar Managed the Gulf Crisis Wisely
*Agreement for the Development of Leather between Bahri University and COMESA Institute for Leather

*Strategic Stocks and Mills to Provide Flour in Khartoum
*Egyptian President and Sudanese Defense Minister Discuss Border Military and Security Cooperation
*Signing of the Implementation of Ten Model Villages in Darfur
*Minister of Planning: Lack of Funding Impedes the Success of Projects in Khartoum
Al-Youm Al-Tali
*Al Bashir Receives Chadian Prime Minister
*Al-Sisi: We are Committed to Improve Relations with Sudan
*UN Investigation into the Involvement of SPLA Elements in the Events of Khor Al-Waral Camp
*South Sudan Minister Requests Al Bashir's Mediation to End the Crisis

Al-Ray Al-Aam
*Sudan and Chad Agree to Secure Borders
*United Nations: Internal Displacement has Receded in Sudan
*Start of the Distribution of Cancer Treatment Free of Charge
*Government: 2 Million Refugees Waiting for Assistance

*Ministry of Health Announces State of Alert for Watery Diarrhea
*Khartoum: No Bread Crisis in the Capital and Flour is Available
*Parliamentary Signatures to Question the Minister of Education
*Nile Threatens Khartoum

*Parliamentary Committee: Plans to Deport Foreign Beggars to Their Countries
*Sudan Participates in the Meetings of the World Tourism Organization
*Bakri Discusses Decisions Passed by Parliament
*Release of Sudanese Children Whose Parents Belong to Daish (ISIS) in Libya

*Al Bashir Confirms His Support to the Ministry of Justice
*Preparations in Areas Threatened by Flooding in Khartoum
*Mubarak Al-Fadel Welcomes Omani Investments in Sudan
*Al-Jozuli: The Country Hosts More than One Million South Sudan’s Refugees