Current Date:

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

MoU between Sudan and China to Establish China-Sudan Technology Transfer Centre

The Ministries of higher education of the Sudan and Chinese science and Technology have signed a memorandum of understanding for the establishment of the Sino-

Sudanese Center to promote bilateral cooperation and innovation in the field of science and technology at the ministerial level ,during  participating  the Sino-Arab Cooperation Conference for science and Transfer of technology and innovation in the province of Benguela, in  China,  last  week, the delegation of the Sudan  led by Prof. Mustafa Mohamed Saleh, State Minister at
the Ministry of Higher Education and scientific research, with the participation of a number Directors of universities and department directors.
Professor Al-Tijani Mustafa Mohammed Saleh addressed the meetings of the Conference in the presence of the deputy provincial government, the Chairman of the Advisory Council and the Vice-Minister of Science and Technology of China and representative of the Secretary-General of the League of Arab States and an estimated number of directors of Sudanese universities, conveying the greetings of His Excellency Marshal Omer Hassan Ahmed The President of the Republic, his Government and the people of the Sudan for the brotherly Chinese people and their government, praising the fruitful relations of cooperation that bind the people of the two countries increase this cooperation to include science, innovation, industry, agriculture and cooperation between the two countries ' academic institutions in the scientific fields Different at the level of undergraduate and postgraduate studies, vocational training and technical education and met me. In that regard, he announced that scholarships were being awarded to students of Chinese higher education institutions for study in the Sudan, and that ambitions were aimed at a technical university in Sudan to play an active role in the advancement of technical capabilities and the establishment of the Sudan-China Technology transfer Centre to promote overall development and sustainable in the country.
Professor Al-Tijani confirmed his ministry's promotion of Technology cooperation and transfer of technology between Sudanese higher education institutions and Chinese enterprises and enterprises the biggest sign of participation in this forum is the greatest evidence of the depth of the cooperative relationship that connects the two countries noting that the Sino-Arab Cooperation Forum To continue the efforts of Sudan and other participating States to ensure a better tomorrow and a bright future replete with great achievements, considering that the world today is guided by science and knowledge and technology as a basis for masculinity and progress noting that Sino-Arab relations are rooted, firm and strong and have culminated in a strategic partnership between The two countries the visit of the Chinese Vice-premier to Khartoum recently represents a major step towards strengthening these bilateral ties.
Meanwhile, on the sidelines of the conference, Prof. Al-Tijani Mustafa Mohammed Saleh held a joint meeting with the Deputy Minister of Higher Education and research of Egypt and the Director Egyptian Academy of Scientific Research He also held a lengthy meeting with Dr. Mohamed El Shafei, representative of the Arab League of China, and Dr. Kamal Hassan The representative of the Sudan at the Arab League and with a number of Chinese companies working in the field of computing, energy, satellites and energy equipment renewed, as these meetings resulted in a tentative agreement between China and the Arab States to establish a youth entrepreneurship zone in the Sudan and to increase the number of grants provided Of the Sudan in the area of technology transfer