Current Date:

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Global Aid Hand, UNICEF and EU with Education Ministry Support Educational Programme in Three Areas

Within the framework of the educational development program in the State of West Kordofan and north Abyei and the absorption of refuges students from South Sudan, Global Aid Hand, supported by UNICEF and the European Union and in cooperation with the Ministry of Education in the regions of ELmirum and Abyei implemented a comprehensive program in the two schools of Mirm West Kordofan and the northern region of Abyei aims to improve the school environment and increase the capacity of schools, training teachers and educational boards and supply schools with aids and teaching aids
In Miram locality, global aid hand built two schools, each with 8 classrooms, 2 offices, 6 bathrooms and one hand wash. It also maintained the old schools in the area and repaired 16 classrooms and 4 offices in Al Fayhaa for refugee students in order to increase the capacity of the two schools. School tools were distributed by UNICEF to schools, awareness campaigns and home visits were conducted to raise awareness about the importance of education. , Teachers and members of the Education Council were trained on (emergency education, life skills, teaching skills, psychosocial support) from the UNICEF manual, which was presented by the Education Office in Al-Mirum
The results of the reforms not only gave the school a better form, but also encouraged parents to enroll their children in the school, especially in the Fayhaa School for Girls. It had 148 schoolgirls, most of them displaced. The school also provided the opportunity for volunteer teachers and children with special needs. And volunteers from the region. A decision was made to admit the displaced students from South Sudan for free.
"The rehabilitation of the schools and the support provided by UNICEF in collaboration with global aid hand and the Ministry of Education in Kadugli have contributed significantly to solving the problem of our refugee children from South Sudan. We have had a problem with the capacity of schools," said the education office manager at Miram locality Mousa Ali, A large number of children were received before the improvement, but this problem was solved. The statistics indicate that in the first grade only 113 out of 160 children are refugee from south Sudan. In addition, about 12 teachers from the refuges had been appointed to teach English subject, "Mousa also expressed satisfaction of school principals, children and parents about the project and stressed that the educational process is going well.
In the northern region of Abyei, 10 classrooms and 5 offices were distributed to 10 schools in three different villages. Teachers and the Educational Council were trained in psychological and social support and emergency education. School tools were distributed to schools and three awareness campaigns were conducted in the villages. Among the events that accompanied the project in the region was a day entitled "Education for All" in the village of Defra that included parents, teachers and students. The event included awareness about the importance of education especially for girls, in addition to a number of events such as folk singing, theater and more.
GAH team also carried out a number of field visits at the rate of two visits a week to the villages of Defra, Meknes and Radaya. To encourage parents to learn about the importance of education and to discuss the reasons for not sending children to schools, At Mikineze School, the number of students increased from 385 to 463, and in the school of boarding schools, the number of students increased from 338 to 403.
During the meeting with the Education Officer at global aid hand in North Abyei area, Mr. Hamdy expressed his appreciation for the efforts made by the organization in the area of education in the region. He also praised the strong support of UNICEF as the main partner and supporter in the construction and rehabilitation of the classrooms, the distribution of school bags containing all the study materials, as well as the construction and equipping of sports clubs for pupils and teachers.