Current Date:

Friday, 04 November 2016

Editorial: The Rebellion and the National Document

The instruction of America to South Sudan to stop providing the armed rebel movements of Sudan with any kind of assistance puts all in a critical situation, especially the rebellion.
Now, this rebellion is in a sorry impasse and a true dilemma. No two agree that it is very much trapped and nowhere to go to. All the countries that have been bording Sudan physically and geographically will not allow any presence of rebellion in their territories. Why? Simply speaking, because they do not want to risk and jeopardize the good relations they have had with Sudan for the sake of a rebellion as such.
Actually, the rebellion has to choose one of two options if it has the intention to enter Khartoum victoriously. The first choice is to get into direct physical confrontation with the present government of Sudan, especially militarily.  Definitely, if it is to engage in a move as such, it will be utterly defeated, so to speak. Why? The military power of the incumbent government compared with that of the rebellion is much stronger. So, if it risks entering Khartoum forcibly and violently, then, undoubtedly, this will be its tragic ending. Ironically, instead of happily ruling Khartoum, this very Khartoum will be the graveyard of the rebellion.
This scenario aside, what about the other option? It is to be described as the most secure and the safest one. This time the entry to Khartoum will be safely and peacefully guranteed. It is going to be through the signing of the national document that has emanated from the national dialogue. If the rebellion is to just sign it, then for sure, this will be the happiest occasion for all; the Sudanese public and the rebellion mutually. All the citizens of Sudan will rejoice such a happy occurrence collectively and unlimitedly.
In conclusion, we can say this; if the rebellion is after saving itseslf permanently and peacefully by entering Khartoum victoriously, then no way out but to sign the national document, today before tomorrow, so to speak.