Current Date:

Saturday, 15 April 2017

AI; Stop this Dirty Game

Recently, Amnesty International (AI) has been engaged in accusing Sudan of killing its citizens in the Darfur region. But, allegations as such have promptly

been verified as completely fraudulent and fabricated. The UNAMID, as a mission that is jointly represented by the UN and AU,  is the one that has testified vehemently against this.  Because of the assigned job of the UNAMID as a peacekeeper in the land of Darfur, its testimony in any matter relating to the region, especially of the case of AI, will widely and globally get recognized.
The witness of UNAMID goes like this; that  no one of its forces whose number amounts to 20,000 persons, a combination of both soldiers and civilians, has seen or felt any presence of chemical weapons on the territory of Darfur. That none of their offices and medical units  which are scattered there  happen to report cases as such. That even the armed rebel movements do not talk or confirm anything about  such a subject matter.
If this case, and it is, then there is a question that vehemently poses itself here; from whom does AI get an information as such? And to whom sake does it do it for?
Actually, AI is not the first one to conspire about Sudan. It has been preceded by many in this area, conspicuous among them is the International Criminal Court (ICC). This ICC has never ceased lying permanently and continuously against Sudan to the extent of accusing it of committing various and many crimes against humanity. The funny thing is that the chairperson of  ICC has confessed publicly that what they have been doing against Sudan is mere fraud and fabrication. 
Needless to say, the AI and ICC are not without a common purpose they feverishly working together to accomplish; strangling Sudan to death or just weakening its position hugely.
But, this situation is not without apparent contradictions and an irony. They want Sudan to be the weakest entity on earth, and at the same time they want to see it as the strongest one. America is the illustrative example of this. While It has never stopped  asking Sudan to contribute in resolving the ongoing  war of South Sudan, also  it is noticed as  tightening  its grip on it,  by just overburdening it with very painful sanctions, especially economically.
But, the thing that the two of them do not comprehend comprehensively is this; that Sudan now has become much stronger due to variety of factors, prominent among them is the present ongoing national dialogue that has consolidated  it both locally and externally.