Current Date:

Saturday, 23 December 2017

An independence from Inside of Gedaref Municipality

Tuesday 19th , 2017 coincided with 19th,1965 the declaration of independence from beneath the dome of parliament

. On that day, the National Umma Party represented in Member of Parliament, Mr. Abdurrahman Dabaka proposed the motion of self-rule to Sudan. His motion of autonomy to Sudan was seconded by another MP named Mashawar Juma from the Democratic Union Party .Returning from work in a hot afternoon; I saw the road overlooking Gedaref Teaching Hospital adorned in yellow and black colours that alleviated the brunt of worries, weariness of a long day. It was a pleasant change in the dismal sight. It reminded the pedestrians and passengers of an approaching Sudan’s independence anniversary.  On last Tuesday, employees in Gedaref municipality assembled outside in the open air to witness the raising of new flag. Eyes looked back into the past of sacrifices and again looked forward to a future of a country dreaming of peace, stability and prosperity like any other nations in conflict today. The old worn flag was replaced by another new one that gleamed in December sun shine. The elegant flag took its place resting on a metal pole from a crane that lifted slowly. Some people waved their arms in a salute, others raised in dignity their fists chanting "Allah Akbar!". The smartly dressed and enthusiastic civil servants were briefly addressed by an official who conveyed his good wishes. ''Every one will drink water in 2018" he said in a reference to the water supply network project awaited by the majority of people in Gedaref.At last, all dispersed with hearty laughter and embraces for a new year with lesser woes.