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Tuesday, 08 May 2018

Thanks to Allah: World of Today

Daily when I turn on the radio to listen  to news ,listen to music ,or trying to explore new  publications  running on

, because in my beloved country Sudan , we used to wake up every morning  ,and hear about new broadcast  inaugurated by one of the formal official ,this phenomena is healthy ,due to the increased numbers of postgraduates, we celebrate  on every end year, that is not the issue is :the way is tackling matters are the same ,the topic you hear in this radio , you listen to it in the other ,beside the voices are the same , it is rare to distinguish between the stations unless you stick carefully to the radio ,then you may be able to know this station name is so….
On the contrary ,the delighted thing is the activeness, you feel coming out from the voices, the speakers are young ,graduated most of them,from the media collages , that is gives me  optimistic about their future ,but the only negative thing, they copy what is said in other broadcastings , we want our transmission, we want ours to be up to their mission.
W e need to be heard globally ,to declare  who we are, our message to be considered ,words to have consideration , name to get it’s due respect ,the role of the broadcastings is increasing day by day ,for today weapons is word, it has got the influence of magician when goes out true ,it makes sense moves ,minds works ,people integrate; states united ,problems solved , it has become the masterpiece, of speech, for radios are easy taken ,affordable ,so any seller , merchant,soldier, laborer ,or an employee, can have it ,choose what promulgation, at his country and enjoy his time with it..
At the same moment, issues taken by the producers should be chosen carefully, considering other needs of: babies, disables, adults, sports, women, young,also guests how are staying with us , we must be generous with them, by giving  specific space to them, through they can feel at home..let alone other issues which concern our normal life for example :culture, agriculture, art, customs ,traditions, et Citra.
The policies which guide any comm.unity are emanated from it’s  principles and values, so you cant judge such society according to your laws unless they have got the same subjection to these laws, that is what is going on these days in our world , some states have given to them self the right to rule other countries  , why because they look down these countries ,considered as underdeveloped  ,and they are in great need to geared by super power!!!! In spite of states of today are independent, have got flags, membership of the united nations ,that means they  have  sovereignty ,such matters annoy all justice people, those who look at issues from the angle of equality, respect must dominate humans treatment otherwise ,the sense of grievance may push them to change their way or look for a vent ,to avoid clashes, this what happens today ,to be wise to shun disputes, when you component is arrogance, experience  have proved that keeping away, is better it is not a matter of being afraid of him  NO!!! it is wisdom, bad behavior shows the beginning of his end , history says this ,read the examples of Rome and Persian how they end come? What I mention it is not a dream it is reality, but actually that never happens in our day Why  because the conditions which are put by Allah are not apply on us !! We are distancing away to be advocated by Allah, because  he says in his holy Quran
(If you triumphs Allah he will triumphs you) great truth to Allah .have a look at the Arabian media, dancing all the night, naked girls, wine every where ,gambling ,corruption, cheatings ,doing every thing that annoying  him! then… this is the situation! How could the rescue come?
We  or most of us are not up to our message, engulfing in graces  forgetting duties, have hasten the torture on us by the hands of our enemies, but the door is still open for those who want repent.
Recently nations are are all running after fulfilling their people needs through: providing  the primarily things to them, basically  their identity, that never be obtain unless you inculcate you culture in the heads of your affiliations, this only be done by only thing: perfect Education, those who kept their history they have done it through the gate of knowledge, the tools for this work are teachers,taking care of them it means definitely ,you are leading your kids to the glory ,otherwise, the contrary will happens ,and it began to be seen gradually on some behaviors for example:
*Very narrow trousers, wearied by youth ,at common places.
*NOT Organize hair, shown when boys are going to celebrate occasions
*troubles at roads, bus stations.
*Flittering with girls, when they come out off schools.
*Random in areas sitting beside shops, talking, laughing loudly.
*misuse of mobiles telephones by some of them
*respect is decreasing among majority.
*Sense of patriotism is declining between them.
*Fondling of every knew inventers comes from outside.
*Religious spirit is not stable in their behaviors.
*Easy going to import ideas, specially when it comes by an English man.
Above mentioned are just examples and there are so many others, as a police man every day I passionate on youth specially those we read at university, due  to high education is the supreme of our hopes for our sons.
Future stands on steady values, not shaking ones, vigorously we support the way of educating recent generations on going values, which we heritage from our fathers ,in the same time we respect the current scientific stream which dominate the world, in treatments specifically, the s liquidity we have in our religious in regard to deal with new ideas , products, inventions, we respect it, when comes to our morale, it must cope with it, .It is true the world today is ruled through the forth power, which formulate the opinion of, peoples ,nations, Those who put full consideration to it get their points as they want, it’s reflect the general view of the current wave helps leaders to gear well the ship..!
It is high time for us to look with vigilant eye at the modern world, and not try to compare always between our available circumstances and theirs because the distance is far away between us, scientifically and socially, it is known by nature all over the world the tendency of superiority which dominate some communities according to their conceptions or upper hand in inventions, as consumers we are under their mercy, just buy!... in spite of you sometime now the evil of the commodity is, so growing up children of today, it has become a hard task for parents, due to the coming cultures we conquered ours inside our lands  , not with weapons , but with media, which have  entered without permission every  house, the barriers are not strong enough to ward off the fierce attack, that targeting the co solidarity of our society, which based on religious ,am afraid to say according to my personal monitoring, to the effects of coming civilization on our youth: to some extend they have succeeded, they have got followers ,calling  others to follow !!You see, they know how to fill the gaps!!The need for every new things pushed most victims to enter the dark tunnel.
To protect your self from diseases, require to how it comes into your body, consequently we need to know what are the needs of our communities? How can we provide it? How could we market our values globally?
The mission is possible specially, the space is open for every new but it should be useful the mankind. Are we up to this end..?