Current Date:

Saturday, 23 December 2017

Spotlight: Sudan Independence 62 Years in the History

Sudan with all governmental and private sectors celebrated yesterday 19th December 2017 the 62nd  Anniversary

of the declaration of Sudan independence from inside the parliament, as a real step towards realizing Sudan Independence on 1st January 1956. That long struggle of our great leaders, grandfathers, and heroes who exerted great efforts to enable Sudan obtained independence before other countries in Africa. Political parties despites differences in views and opinions had united their ranks to achieve this noble goal. They had their role in gaining independence for Sudan. 
There are many significances and meanings to celebrate this historic day. We used to celebrate and congratulate each on this day not just to remind the historic great role of our ex- leaders, but to show the reality of our beloved country. 62 years in the history of Sudan where Sudan was governed by many governments varied between political parties, military and democratic regimes fulfilled some sort of development, stability, peace and security to Sudan and Sudanese people.
To agree or disagree with all these governments up to now, is not an issue, for the whole world is unstable and suffers from chronic issues, civil wars, internal conflicts, borders disputes , trafficking , smuggling, terrorism,illegal migration. Sudan has a strategic situation expected to play a major role in solving such issues. We believe in the Sudanese personality what in the government or out. Sudan is for all. We have to look forward to realize more sustainable development to reduce the poverty rates which are highly raised in compared with some neighboring countries in the region.
Sudan is described as a young state where the youths represent more than 60% of the total population. The percentage is very high, and Sudan has great potentials and resources, and the human resources is at the top list .So we have to ask ourselves frankly , to what extent do we aware to benefit from such precious value of the youths? How could we work seriously for the sake of our people?
From 1956 up to 2018, but Sudan is still young state. we need to exert more. We need to implement our plans and strategies not to plan. It is high time to enable the future leaders to play their roles. We need to fill the gap between generations. Let us share and exchange experiences, share views and opinions. Let us trust each other. Let us have responsibility towards Sudan. Let us reflect our real image to the world.
Government and  political parties expect to work more for the sake of Sudan.