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Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Periscope: Arab Spring Seventh Anniversary

Sunday 17 Dec was the Seventh Anniversary of the Arab Spring and if was commemorated at all it was done in secrecy

and behind closed doors in all the Arab world expect Tunisian. It was initially instigated by the suicide of a Tunisians street vender in protest on the municipality confiscation of goods. In few months it engulfed the whole Arab world.
Now seven years later, the tide has reversed in favor of the old regimes and interests groups in most Arab countries.
But still the Ghost of the Arab Spring hunts the night and day dreams of most of the regimes in the region and this is clear from the defamation campaign against Upspring that is still going round the clock; sometimes with very comic accusation’s (western security agents). While the reality is that if this Uprising had succeeded it would have blown the western interest in the region from the roots to the high skies.
The dream of wiping the glories 2011 days form the Arab masses moray is a lost battle from the start because 2011 can never be swept under the carpet or erased from the people memory.
It simply have simply  should these masses their real power when united under the basic common goals for any human being  on earth ; bread, freedom and human dignity. These are noble aims that will never go away and will return sooner or later to hunt these regimes on the ground like it is hunting their dreams now. The temporary defeat of the Arab Spring is not the last chapter in the book of the history of the region.
Revolutionary historical experience tell us that all revolutions from the French to the American, from the  Chinese to the Cuban , from the Indians to the African movements of liberation that revolution and mass uprisings  do not go in a straight line but pass through ups and downs until the time of the final victory.
If there was any elite with a vision in these regimes circles there would have been attempts to address some of these grievances in one way or another as the new-old regime is trying to do in Tunisia.  But unfortunately this is not the case and so the sooner or later the next explosion will come despite all the forms of brutal repressions that we see today.
One of the factors that have played a major role in the 2011 Uprisings was corruption and now it is on the increase and decrease, this element is like pouring petrol on a flame which will bring their downfall even if 10 percent of the people are in arbitrary deletion and subjected to torture and unhuman treatment.
Nobody can predict how the Arab region landscape will be next year but for some regimes the countdown have started and are just in the intensified care ward at present but as a hopeless case.