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Saturday, 23 December 2017

Business Vision: December the 19th, 1955

To recall history events is the strategic way to run future movements and to set a proper plan to all aspects of life

, you can’t create strong economic platform without history, people stand on history to rule and govern, history like a mirror assists drivers to master the road, enables them to look at back and sides for more safety.
On this day Sudan announced its independence in one of the significant parliament session chaired by the famous Sudanese politician who occupied the post of “Prime Minister” Ismael Al Azhari who won the first democratic process throughout the history of Sudan.
The developed nations respect history and consider it as a reference, to read its events and interpret its development to learn from the past, by the course of time history repeats itself, those who use history as “a tool” of development gain experience in all means of life.
This event requires revision; we need to answer the questions of politic, economic, social and culture, the real celebration is to evaluate and compare our performance in the above mentioned topics to the situation in December 1955, did we promote or not, what is reason behind the failure.
The gap is wide, the economic situation at that time is better, political activities were stabled, cultural events more developed and the social structure of communities was more harmonized, 62 years Sudan has been heading toward development without learning from the past, the real celebration must be organized to economic stability and livelihood improvement alongside permanent constitution to address political issues, I advice political parties to form annual political forum on 19th December and economic activities (workshops, seminars, symposiums and conferences) to produce solutions to our economic crisis.
The matter is not to appreciate or praise the efforts of our ancestors, those who get benefit from “History” witness regular development, reformation and progress every year, while those who neglect “History” witness rapid deterioration and backwards.