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Saturday, 23 December 2017

Periscope: Reflections on the Auditor General 2016 Report

Some of the facts that have been revealed by the Auditor General 2016 that was presented to the National Assembly

and disclosed by the reputable weekly economic newspaper Elaf (13 Dec.), needs genuine public discussions at large and not limited to the National Assembly because every Sudanese ,  his family and children have a share in these assets.
The report said that of the 120 companies and corporations in which the government have shares 100 of them  have not presented their accounts and so was not included in the government accounts and deprived the public treasury of their income. Adding salt to the injury in the accounts of those 20 companies and corporations administrative expenditures swelled 85 percent of the revenue.
The Auditor General Report pointed to that these firms have major defects in their bylaws, administrative and financial regulations.
It is amazing that such companies operates and not only in violation of the public financial laws but even the Companies Laws which the Ministry of Justice’s Companies Regulations Administration is responsible to monitor that all companies public or private functions according to the law. So, what is this administration role in these gross violations of the Company Law.
The Auditor General report have recommended that there should reforms in the financial, accounting and administrative systems and regulations of these companies according to the government structural reforms program and the directives of the First Deputy and Prime Minister and that budgets should be formulated for these companies to be included in the public budget. This should be accompanied with strict measures to reduce the huge administrative expenditure of these corporations to make a surplus that can support the government budget and development programs.
The report also pointed to the need to revise the employment contract of these companies to insure that their contents confirm with the Council of Minister Directives in this respect.
It is interesting that these revelations came just four day after the world observance of the World Anti-Corruption Day in 9 Dec. In this occasion the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres said in his message that "We can only achieve the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development if every nation has strong, transparent and inclusive institutions, based on the rule of law and supported by the public.”
But misuse of public funds and assets must be included as a kind of indirect corruption because it deprives the nations from the needed resources to develop.
The 2016 Auditor General Report needs more and more focus and this is what we intend to do in the coming days.
But I have to conclude by asking; what is the role of the dormant Ant-Corruption Commission in all this. This is also a question that we will endeavor to answer.