Current Date:

Thursday, 30 November 2017

National Workshop on IGAD Protocol Concludes Session with a Number of Recommendations

Khartoum - A number of experts of the Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD); have lauded the contributions of Sudan to the development of the IGAD

Protocol on Free Movement of Persons in the IGAD Region in the conclusion of a national workshop on the protocol as they underscored Khartoum additions in this regard.
The meeting recommended that all regulations should be within the laws of the concerned states.
The recommendations of the workshop, which has concluded session in Khartoum, provide that the regional and bilateral agreements that govern preferential inter-trade dealing shall be referred to and that entry of commercial vehicles shall be governed by pivotal weight that shall not exceed 57 tons to preserve national roads.
The recommendations, which were deliberated by three committees of experts of Sudan and the IGAD and its partners, also included that member states shall enter into bilateral agreements concerning refugees on such issues as voluntary return, commitment to cooperation with the UNHCR and other concerned organizations as well as establishment of a regional centre for studies and research and exchange of information in the field of refugees and population movements in the IGAD region.
The meeting recommended, among others, exchange of information on the pioneering experiences in the field of refugees’ hosting among the member states of IGAD, such as that of Sudan of granting refugees agricultural lands to enable them to be self-dependant instead of relying on relief.
The concluding session of the national workshop on the IGAD Protocol on Free Movement of Persons was addressed by representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ambassador Mohamed Abdallah Idris, representative of Interior Ministry Lt. Gen. Awad Al Nil Dhahia, Ambassador Abu-Zaid Al Hassan of the IGAD Secretariat, the Ambassador of EU to Sudan and representative of International Organization for Migration.