Current Date:

Tuesday, 01 May 2018

VP Heads Meeting of Joint Technical Committee on Implementation of Federal Government Recommendations

Khartoum - (SUNA) The Vice President of the Republic, on Sunday headed the meeting of the joint Technical Committee to follow up the implementation of the Federal

Government Recommendations

The committee headed by Vice President Hassabou Mohamed Abdalla, also reviewed the various activities of the committee in the past period and what steps taken to implement each of the recommendations.

Tariq Hajj Ali, the chairman of the committee, said committee has followed up the implementation of 35 recommendations out of the 172 recommendations that covered the policies, structures, financial resources, economies and local government fields.

He said the vice president has stressed on the need to give due attention to the recommendations related to justice and the judiciary and that laws and regulations which preceded the recommendations and which have only recently been ratified be reviewed.

He said they should be amended in line with the implementation of the recommendations.

He said recommendations relative to the financial and economic resources axes should equally be reviewed.