Current Date:

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Mashair Calls for Support to Achieve Social Peace

Khartoum - The Minister of Security and Social Development Mashair Al-Dawalab stressed the importance of promoting peace and supporting returnees from neighboring and

displaced areas to achieve peace, security and stability throughout the country.
Al Dawalab called yesterday while receiving in her office the Blue Nile State, Hussein Sen Hamad, the minister called for the need to attract additional support and resources internally and externally to achieve this goal, which is conducive to promoting social peace
She noted the importance of discussing peace and social security at meetings of the High Commission for Humanitarian Aid, which  will held  soon under the chairmanship of the first Vice-President of the Republic
The meeting also addressed several social issues, including the Zakat office's projects for vulnerable segments and to demand the follow-up mechanisms for these projects be strengthened and that their social impact be measured and that successful experiences be reversed.