Current Date:

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Mashair Announces Plans to Reduce Poverty and Address Effects of War

Khartoum – Minister of Social Security and Development, Mashair Al-Dawalab said that her ministry has taken a number of measures to address the effects of the war and

ensure the state's efforts in peace and stability.
 In a program on the Blue Nile Channel, the minister revealed a ten-year vision to address challenges, create more confidence in microfinance and address social security concerns, pointing out that one million jobs are targeted in the 2018 budget, and increase of support from 700,000 families to 800,000 ones, as well as mobilizing other social security and health insurance resources to promote production as a key in addressing poverty.
The minister reviewed the efforts of her ministry in coordination with the number of bodies to address the complexities facing the community and the effects of war and conflict in Sudan, in addition to alleviating the economic shock through the supervision of social work, family and children and population and humanitarian aid, in coordination with a number of bodies at the local and regional levels, explaining that the rate of poverty is 36%, according to the Central Bureau of Statistics survey, which is supported by the World Bank and the African Bank, confirming the introduction of two and a half million poor families in health insurance and full support of 600 thousand families through Zakat, along with other interventions in support of education and families, calling for the enactment of a deterrent law to reduce begging and illegal gain, stressing the need to fight the phenomenon by abstaining from providing support to beggars, especially there are existing bodies responsible for them, noting that the state of Khartoum is the largest states affected by the phenomenon, stressing the state's keenness to address the phenomenon of homelessness through awareness and communication with families.
With regard to the rights of pensioners, the minister confirmed the fulfillment of the state of it on time, pointing out that the outlets for dealing directly with pensioners are still open, noting the commitment to employ 2% of the disabled in jobs.
On the rise of negative societal phenomena, the minister said that the high percentage of complaints in this regard is the result of the awareness of society and the interaction of social defense and control mechanisms, revealing studies with the competent authorities to address the causes of negative social phenomena, pointing to the great efforts of the National Council for Child Welfare and the establishment of protection units for family and children in all Sudan.