Current Date:

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Mashair Participates in UN Economic and Social Committee Meeting in Doha

Khartoum- The 29th ministerial meeting of the United Nations Economic and Social Committee wound up session in Doha, with the participation of Minister of Welfare and

Social Security Mashair Al-Dawalab, heading delegation of Sudan.
The session, which was convened under the theme of (Implementation of Sustainable Development Plan), lasted for three days on the experts and ministerial levels.
Secretary General of the National Population Council Lemia Abdelghaffar, member of the delegation of Sudan, said in a press statement that the meeting adopted six resolutions pertinent to sustainable development agenda in the Arab states, technical support and capacity building besides a two-year plan of action.
The meeting also issued the Doha Declaration on Implementation of Sustainable Development Agenda 2030 in the Arab States, which contains a pledge by all to work for implementation of the plan and its development priorities by realizing the national drive and ownership of the development process.
The declaration stressed importance of coordination among the concerned parties on the national, regional and international levels and building of partnerships, which are based on respect and equality besides maintaining partnerships and coordination among governments, the private sector, civil society institutions and the regional organizations.
It, further, affirmed that the development plan 2030 is an international framework that supports the national policies, stressing the importance of integrating the objectives of the plan and its goals in the national development plans.
The declaration called for supporting the less developed countries and the countries affected by conflicts as well as supporting the Palestinian people to restore their rights based on the international legitimacy.
Minister Mashair participated in a ministerial panel on conflict and its effects on realization of sustainable development agenda, which was attended by a number of ministers and heads of delegation.