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Friday, 06 April 2018

USA Envoy: National Dialogue Will Resolve Conflicts in Sudan

Khartoum - The American envoy to Sudan and South Sudan, Donald Booth, announced yesterday his country’s support for the national dialogue, as it is a step that resolves

Sudan from conflicts and disputes
He disclosed that he has reminded the President of the African High Implementation Panel, Thabo Mibiki, on the need for making the holdouts join the national dialogue. He asserted during his visit to South Darfur that there is a need for the holdouts to join the national dialogue in Sudan so that they become a part of the process of peace and stability.
He renewed the United State’s support to the efforts of realizing peace in Darfur particularly the development program in South Darfur to realize full stability for citizens.
Booth was acquainted while meeting the governor of South Darfur in Neyala with the effort of the government for realizing social peace as well as implementing the program of voluntary return of the displaced citizens, development plans and providing services to the returnees along with the measures taken for maintaining stability and security.
For his part South Darfur governor said following the meeting, that America has expressed readiness to contribute in the strategy of the state development. The governor added that they have explained to the envoy the future vision for supporting the return of the displaced citizens to their villages and the procedures of handing over lands and parks to their owners as was conducted in the locality of Shtaia.
He went on to affirm that the government of the state is committed to realizing social and security stability due to the reconciliations made and that the state is free from rebellion.