Current Date:

Sunday, 29 April 2018

Al Bashir Renews Sudan's Commitment to Stand by World Nations against Drugs

Khartoum- (SUNA) The President of the Republic Field Marshal, the Police High Commander Omer Al Bahsir reiterated the Sudan's firm stance with world nations to but limit

to the spread of drugs, which represent a major factor that threatens the state's security.
During his address, Tuesday, the International Day for Drug Control at the Friendship Hall, he stressed the active participation in all international efforts aimed at a world free of drugs.
The President of the Republic has called on all the concerned ministries, institutions and relevant authorities to redouble their efforts to eradicate drugs, stressing the state's keenness and its response to provide the technical, material, legal and structural aids that help to block the spread of drugs.
He praised highly the efforts exerted in combating drugs, giving directives for a comprehensive awareness campaign involving all relevant parties in order to consolidate the convictions on the dangers of drugs, which he considered as the first line of defense.
He also called on the community starting with the families, the educational and social institutions, to make a comprehensive address to the youth to prevent and protect them from drugs.
President Al- Bashir has lauded the great success achieved in the field of drug combating by all organs, expressing thanks to the National Committee for the Drugs Combating for its efforts in this regard, indicating the state's sponsorship to the committee for its local and international initiative in the drug combating.