Current Date:

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Al-Hindi Hails Qatari Support and Organizations to S. Darfur Development

Khartoum - State Minister at the Ministry of International Cooperation Hussein Al-Sharif Al-Hindi hailed the huge efforts  presented by the Qatari government and the donor organizations and  the development projects they implemented in south Darfur which  to the satisfaction and acceptance of the citizens of Darfur.
The Minister voiced the praise at his meeting with South Darfur Governor Brigadier Eng. Adam Al-Faki who hailed this visit saying that his state needs the donations that come through the gateway of the Ministry of International cooperation for executing a number of proposed projects.
Al-Hindi outlined that the visit by the delegation of international cooperation to south Darfur state comes in the context of the overall policy adopted by the Ministry for inspecting in the field on the level of projects execution funded by foreign loans for the years 2015 -2016 over the different states of Sudan along with finding solutions to the obstacles
He noted that the Ministry is concerned with attracting  foreign assitance and the governments of the different states of Sudan are required to speed up presentaion of high priority proposals  to include them in the country document between Sudan and the donor organizations, He also hailed the paln which laid down by south Darfur state  for there 2017 budget.