Current Date:

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Khartoum Announces Vacancies for Medical Cadres and 63 Midwives

(Hafiya Elyas ) Khartoum State Minister of Health Dr. Mamoun Himidah has announced 1000 job vacancies for health personnel including 63 opportunities for midwives.
The Minister also announced the resuscitation of medical assistants, pharmaceutics and surgery aid schools before the end of the year, adding that the ministry is planning to open health visitors' school this April to absorb 40 students.
This announcement came during a ceremony held for the graduation of midwives at Bahry Midwifery School, including students from Comoros Islands.
The minister admitted that closing medical aid schools has created a gap in health system, which he said universities have failed to bridge over the past. 
Himidah expressed hoped that training midwives would contribute to minimizing maternal mortality and help raise awareness among rural communities; besides providing basic health services to communities in rural areas.
With the announcement of permanent jobs vacancies for health cadres and midwives, Khartoum state ministry of health aims to provide health service coverage statewide by 100 percent.