Current Date:

Thursday, 05 April 2018

Travel and Tourism Festival Convenes in Khartoum

Khartoum - The first travel and tourism festival in Sudan started here, amid a large participation of travel agencies, tourism, international hotels and the various states of Sudan.
Tourism is an important element in the economics of countries and is considered as a developed modern industry, besides provision of jobs.
 The festival includes cultural heritage, leather goods, and migratory birds, and travel and tourism agencies, folklore manufactures.
 Director of Tourism of Sennar State, Mohamed Abdallah Hussein said that the state has distinctive tourist resource, especially natural tourism, tourism of deer hunting in Jebel Kerdos areas, saying that Dindir National Parking is a beautiful tourist area, where all tourism components are there.
Founder of Bird Watching Club in Sudan, Omer Abdul Hafeez said that their participation aims to identify the club, which is popular voluntary society  concerning of scientific research and studies in the field nature , indicating that they participated  in regional specialized conferences on migratory  birds, which represents an important tourism resource in Sudan.