Current Date:

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Kenyan Appeal Court Revokes Arrest Warrant against Al Bashir

Khartoum – Kenyan Appeal Court has issued a decision recently revoking the ICC arrest warrant against President of the Republic, Omer Hassan Ahmed Al Bashir.
A press statement circulated to the media from the Kenyan Foreign Ministry Information Department, said that the consideration pointed out to the acceptance of the appeal of the government as the Kenyan courts are not authorized to issue such ruling and that the dealing and cooperation with the International Criminal Court is an issue of the Kenyan government.
The circular pointed out to the discrepancies in the international law on the   lifting of the immunities from the Heads of State and governments issue, hinting to the African Union stance which called on the member states not to cooperate with the International Criminal Court, affirming that the ruling pointed out that Kenya is enjoying good bilateral relations with Sudan.