Current Date:

Saturday, 03 March 2018

Norway and Sudan Discuss Oil Protocol for Sustainable Development

Khartoum - Sudan and Norway agreed on the cooperation program between the two countries in the framework of the Protocol for Oil for Sustainable Development and the 2018 Plan, praising the extent of the benefit enjoyed in the past year especially in the field of training and discussed prospects of cooperation in the oil, gas and energy sectors.
Minister of Petroleum and Gas, Dr. Abdul Rahman Osman Abdul Rahman, received here today the visiting Norwegian delegation and the Ambassador of Sudan to Norway, Ehlam Abdul Jalil, to discuss the Norwegian protocol program.
The minister received an invitation from his Norwegian counterpart to visit Norway early next April to discuss the Norwegian-Sudanese protocol programme "Oil for Sustainable Development".
The Minister's visit aims to further cooperation in the field of oil and gas, during which he will meet with officials there and stands on the Norwegian experience.
The Minister reviewed the potential of the Sudan in the oil sector and its efforts to exploit the gas which is located in the east and south and west of Sudan to be used in electricity, as well as to benefit from it in other uses.