Current Date:

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Northern State to Sign Biggest Project for Calves Fattening

Khartoum: Northern State’s Minister of Agriculture Tilal Issa that rehabilitaion and maintenance operations  of Al-Hamadab project have almost been completed directing ditches clean up and digging canals to guarantee flow of irrigation waters to all the targted areas
He noted that the company of Itigahat which is specilized in breeding and fattening cows is desirous in signing a contract to enter in an investment project of fattneing calves in Gabreya project in an area of 6000 fedans for the purpose of export.
He outlined during his visit to the two projects of Gabreay and Hamadab at Al Daba loclity that it is time for the northern state to be a meat exporting state instead of becoming a route for export due to the compartive advantages it has in its infrastructure like the availability of agricultural areas and fresh water particulaly in Al Daba loclity which is located in the area of the Nubian Basin
He added that his government is setting out in establshing fences for cattle breeding at the peripherlas of the state agricultural projects of the state and working on increasing the areas of the projects.