Current Date:

Thursday, 10 May 2018

UAE Organization Extends Support to Orphans

Khartoum - Fathi Affan Organization for Humanitarian Work of the United Arab Emirates (UAE)

implemented yesterday an initiative for supporting orphans as the organization distributed food aid and school bags for the category at the international park in Khartoum.
Director of the organization Al Tayeb Saad-Eddin has pointed out that the state endeavors to provide means of production to the weak categories in the society to change them into productive ones.
Commissioner at the Headquarters of Khartoum State Makki Hassabrabbuh, addressing the occasion, lauded the role of the organization in supporting the orphans and widows, praising the relations linking the Sudan and UAE.
Goodwill ambassador Aida Abdel-Hameed Ghemish, the coordinator of the initiative, praised the support accorded by Khartoum State for the initiative, affirming continuation of aid to the orphans.