Current Date:

Monday, 05 March 2018

Chadian Ambassador: Border Conference Enhances Cooperation and Relations of Border Tribes

Khartoum - Chad's Ambassador to Sudan, Saleh Hamed said the border conference, to be held next week in Gineina

under the leadership of the two presidents, would strengthen cooperation between the border tribes and strengthens the role of joint forces between Sudan and Chad.
The ambassador said that the conference will discuss three axes: security and stability, revitalization of trade and economy and continuation of popular diplomacy, pointing out that these axes are conducive to the development of relations between the two countries. He pointed out that the conference will be accompanied by visits, seminars and mutual festivals in the border area, especially in light of the fact that the two countries face major challenges and security problems as a result of the situation in the neighboring countries, which requires rom Sudan and Chad to take measures to reduce these challenges, especially as terrorism is a new threat that knows no borders, and that requires  strategies between them to avoid this problem, adding that the steps taken by the Sudanese government to collect weapons in Darfur had a significant positive impact on the stability of the border and contributed to the return of refugees to their areas.