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Friday, 29 September 2017

Chadian President Stresses Commitment to Maintain Security on the Border with Sudan

Khartoum - Chad's President Idris Deby has pledged to maintain security on the border with Sudan through the joint Sudanese-Chadian forces, saying his country would not

allow any chaos on the border between the two countries..
Secretary-General of the Chadian ruling Patriotic Salvation Movement, Mahamed Zen Bada announced, in the meeting of the joint party committee between the parties of the NCP and the ruling party in Chad, which started on Sunday in N'Djamena, announced the assurances of President Idriss Deby that the border between the two countries cannot be a mess, affirming Chad’s commitment to the directives of President Deby on the issue of security in the border, pointing out that the issue of security is the most important agenda of the meeting of the committee, besides the issues of  trade and economic cooperation between business men in the two countries.
The oint meetings between the NCP and the Chadian ruling party began yesterday in the Chadian capital, where the Sudanese side is chaired by the NCP Deputy President, Ibrahim Mahmoud, while the Chadian side is headed by Mohamed Zen Bada.
Mahmoud said that the meetings of the joint committee between the two ruling parties in Sudan and Chad, under the auspices and encouragement of presidents Al-Bashir and Deby, represents a successful experiment that can benefited by all African parties and governments in promoting mutual cooperation relations and realizing the interests of the people, pointing out that the meetings focus on the measures required to promote economic and trade exchange between the two countries and economic projects, especially those that could be implemented by the private sector in Sudan and Chad.
For his part, Secretary-General of the Chadian ruling party, Mohamed Zen Bada, said that the meeting focuses mainly on security, trade and economic issues, stressing the importance of speeding up Chad's use of Port Sudan to meet its needs.