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Friday, 09 March 2018

Sudanese–Portuguese Relations New Horizons

Khartoum - (Muawad Mustafa -Neimat al Naiem) In the context of developing the Sudanese Portuguese relations, Chamber of Commerce and Industry Portugal Sudan, The

Sudanese Portuguese Parliamentary Friendship Group, Sudanese Portuguese Friendship and Business Association welcomed the newly appointed, H.E. Ambassador Madeline Fisher, Non-resident Ambassador of Portugal to Sudan in her first visit to Sudan, in a distinctive reception organized at Corinthia –Khartoum Saturday evening 3rd March 2018.
Dr. Suleiman Abdelmagid, the President of the Sudanese Portuguese Friendship and Business Association (SPFBA) welcomed the honorable guest Ambassador Madaline along with some Sudanese MPs, diplomats, and businessmen. He shed light on the occasion pointing to the importance of developing the relation between the two countries. He conveyed thanks to all partner s who contributed in informing with the positive image of Sudan, and to develop the cultural, economic, political relations between Sudan Portugal. Dr. Suleiman expressed his pleasure for appointing Ambassador Madaline Fisher, Portuguese Ambassador to Sudan hoping that she will try to enhance the relations between Khartoum and Lisbon.  
H.E. Madaline Fisher Portuguese Ambassador to Sudan expressed her great pleasure to be in Sudan, pointing that her country is looking to Sudan with other eyes.  She promised to do her best to change the perception that they had in the international media about Sudan, adding that the two countries have shared history, culture and past where Portuguese are found everywhere especially in Africa. She added that they discovered the world through Africa. She also noted to that their political relations with Africa are still special. Dr. Abdelmagid appreciated the role of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Portugal Sudan for the efforts exerted in developing these relations.
On the developing of the bilateral relations between the two countries, she promised to change the perception about Sudan, besides inviting Portuguese businessmen to come to Sudan.  She believes that through business they make friends .She described Sudan as big and great country of different potentials and resources.
She noted that Sudan Ambassadors in Europe and Portugal can exert more efforts to investors and businessmen to Sudan. Ambassador Madaline expected to show her real impression about Sudanese Portuguese relation and her vision to develop and support these relations between the two countries in an interview to Sudan to be published in the coming days.